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Grooming Tips, Tricks & Top Picks

The Yorkshire Terrier's Coat

Yorkshire Terriers are a single-coated breed. This means that they have no undercoat and there is a single layer of hair, much like humans. Of course, this is what makes Yorkshire Terrier's a great choice for people who tend to have allergies to dogs. Yorkie hair does not fall out and spread dander all around the house. Another perk to the Yorkie hair is that since they are very low to no shedding, you won't find dog hair all over your home and clothing.

While Yorkshire Terriers are a single -coated breed, they do have variations to their coat texture. Some Yorkies do have a more full and cottony coat which is not actually desired and definitely not the best for the show ring. However, the reality is that this type of coat can be cute in a puppy cut since it is a bit fuller and fluffier. The coat I breed for at Luxe is the show coat which is smooth and silky, shiny and luxurious. Whether you choose to keep it long or short this coat is soothing to pet. 

Coat Care

My favorite tools for brushing out my Yorkshire Terriers are pin brushes and steel combs.

If you decide to groom your own dogs and feel like you want to shave them yourself it is perfectly accessible and you can certainly try it. Just remember that your dog may not always look just how you want, you are learning. Also, take it slowly with your dog so as not to frighten them. 

Clippers I prefer are Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Cordless, and Andis Clippers. 

You will want to make sure you keep the hair around their eyes short or in a top knot, just be sure hair is not bothering their eyes. Also, you will want to keep their potty areas clipped short for cleanliness. The Wahl clippers are smaller and cordless so they work well for more sensitive areas. 


Caring for Yorkie Ears

Yorkie puppies have their ears shaved starting at 4 weeks of age, the mini clippers work best for this. Yorkshire Terriers are born with floppy ears but the ears do usually stand over time. However, they may flop back down due to stress or often during teething since the calcium is going to their teeth instead of the ear cartilage. There are some things you can do to help the ears stand back up. One is to tape their ears. This is a common practice and does not, in any way, hurt the dog. The tape helps the ear to stand erect so the cartilage can form properly in an upright position.  

Yorkshire Terriers need their ears plucked, approximately every 4 to 6 months. If your dog goes to a groomer, be sure to ask them to pluck the ear hairs, they know how to do this. Also, you will need to keep the hair on the top 1/3 of the ears clipped very short so that the weight of the hair does not overpower the cartilage in the ear and cause it to flop.

Nail Trimming

Your puppy gets it's nails trimmed starting at 4 weeks old and then every two weeks until it goes to it's new home. It is important to check your Yorkshire Terrier's nails at least twice a month to make sure they don't get too long. If your Yorkie is in and out of the house and has lots of outdoor play time it may not need its nails trimmed so often. Don't forget to check the front and back feet though as they can sometimes wear unevenly and you may miss the longer nails in the back. 

If you clip the nail too short it will bleed and it will cause your dog some discomfort so have some styptic powder on hand and put a good, generous amount of powder on the bleeding nail while holding it fairly tight. Be aware, that your dog will be wary of nail trimming sessions thereafter and you may need to go slow for the next time you trim their nails. 

A general rule when trimming nails, if you keep up on it, is to just take the tip off, just before it begins to curl. 

Of course, you can always have your groomer take care of nail trimming for you as well. 



Many people do not realize the importance of bathing their dog on a proper schedule. When you bathe your dog too often you actually strip the skin of important natural oils that condition and care for both the skin and coat. 

It is best to bathe your dog twice a month and spot clean in between when necessary. Of course, if your dog becomes particularly dirty or stinky a bath is in order.

As for shampoo and conditioner, I suggest Plum Silky, it is the best I've found and I've been searching for 15 years.

Always consult your veterinarian with any questions or concerns or if you suspect your pet may have a parasite infestation.

The information contained within this pamphlet is solely for informational purposes, and DOES NOT replace licensed professional veterinary care. The information contained within this pamphlet or on our website is subject to interpretation and an evaluation of an animal's medical condition should be performed by a trained professional before any medical decisions are implemented. We shall not be liable to any person whatsoever for any damages, or equivalencies, or by reason of any misstatement or error, negligent or otherwise obtained in any communication from Luxe Yorkshire Terriers.

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