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At Luxe Yorkshire Terriers  you will find...


Aniya will be retiring from my breeding program once her puppies are weaned. She is a super sweet, laid back girl that would love to be your lap buddy. she is 2.5 years old. Call or email me for more details. Her rehoming fee is $1200


A Yorkshire Terrier from Luxe is not just another Yorkie  ~ 

it is a work of art.


that I have built a breeding program based on what I consider to be the three most important elements that create a dog of distinction; lovely temperaments, excellent health and conformation, and beautiful faces. I prefer a Yorkshire Terrier with a shorter, wider muzzle, with bright eyes and a button nose. I have spent many years breeding my Yorkshire Terriers to be healthy and good-tempered but also to have the Luxe look of lovely, rich coat colors and beautifully proportioned faces.


In the process I have become a certified Breeder of Heart through the AKC. I also have my Good Dog Badge of excellence that is given to breeders who conduct all the recommended health testing prior to breeding. I do everything possible to ensure that my dogs are at optimal health and have every opportunity to grow and thrive.


Luxe Yorkshire Terriers was born out of a love of this endearing, smart and playful little ball of fluff. My daughter started praying and asking for a Yorkie when she was 10 years old. She saved every penny towards the purchase of her very own puppy. Seeing her dedication inspired me to look for one to give her for her Birthday. I began searching for just the right Yorkie but I was surprised to find so many ugly, ill-bred Yorkies, I was disappointed. My mom bred Yorkies when I was growing up and I remember helping her, so I realized that I could breed Yorkshire Terriers with prettier faces and healthier constitutions.  And so began Luxe Yorkshire Terriers in 2005.

All my Yorkshire Terriers get to have time in my home and are raised with as much attention and love as possible. They go on outings with us, have play dates, curl up on our laps for movie nights and generally make themselves comfy wherever they like. I will only own as many Yorkies as I can spend time with, keep clean, healthy, active and happy. Every single puppy is also raised in my heated/cooled nursery with daily love, care, social interaction and plenty of my time as I almost live out in the nursery with them!



Lovely temperaments, excellent health and conformation, and beautiful faces are the foundation of the Luxe Yorkshire Terrier breeding program. 

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